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What’s going on?

 My poor neglected blog.  In typical fashion I have yet again started something and not finished it!  Not to be discouraged I have decided that I will not give up!

Last month was a great month for us.  We were almost successful on the Eat at Home Challenge.  We ended up eating out 3 times.  It may not sound good, but for us it was a great accomplishment.  Unfortunately I can’t mark it towards the 12 months of no eating out on the 101 Goals.  We have already *shame on us* eaten out twice this month!  Old habits die hard.

Last month also kept us busy with the end of school activities and two weeks of swim lessons.  The fair was in town and the boys and I met up with a bunch of friends and had a great time.  So far this summer we have had lots of fun with the slip and slide, water guns, crafts, reading, and play dates!  I have been sleeping in a bit in the mornings too.  I have decided I will continue to give myself that leisure until August.  I will get myself back on a routine so that I can be ready for school to start come August 17th.

This month I am hoping to take the boys out for a few outings.  Places like state parks and the beach, as well as just checking out things around town.  We are taking our first family camping trip as well.  I’m very excited for this.  We will be tent camping with another family who are great friends and have kids the same ages as the boys.  The place we are going is near the coast, so I am a bit apprehensive about how cold it will get at night.  I plan to bring a bunch of blankets!  I hate to be cold!!

I have been neglecting my 101 Goals list as well.  I am picking myself up and dusting off, and getting back on the horse.  First thing I am going to do is go through the list again and pick a few things I can get started on.  Once I pick those I will come up with action plans for them and get the time to devote to them scheduled.


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Random thought (or rant) for today

Have you seen this?

It’s Lysol’s touchless soap dispenser.  It’s claim to fame is that it allows you to “never touch a germy soap dispenser again.”  Huh? 

First, I consider my house to be a fairly clean house.  When I clean my bathroom I also wipe down the soap dispenser.  Aside from that, isn’t the point of a soap dispenser to dispense soap so you can wash your hands AFTER you have touched the dispenser?  Wouldn’t my hands then be free from germs?

Mark this one down as another insult to the consumers intelligence.  Am I the only one who is finding more and more products that fall into that category?  Or am I just getting crotchity as I *ahem* mature?  Don’t even get me stated on the tv comercials that are in the same group.

OK, rant over.  Nothing more to see here.  Now back to your regularly scheduled program.  😉

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