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Goal #58 – Organize shelving in garage

We have a pantry in our kitchen that I do not like.  It looks like a normal pantry from the front, but it is on the wall that makes the entrance of our kitchen/dining room area, which is a diagonal wall.  (I know, but I don’t know how else to describe it, lol.)  The result is a pantry with storage space that looks like a triangle.  Wider in the front and the tip of the triangle in back.  So basically it gives me about 1/2 of the storage space a normal pantry would give you.

When we moved into this house there was a bookshelf in the garage right outside the door from the house to the garage.  I decided to use it as an extra pantry.  Unfortunately, we also used it as a “catch-all” for random things in the garage.  It got to be a big mess.  That’s why I listed “organize the shelving in the garage to be a pantry as Goal #58 on my list of 101 Goals in 1001 Days

Here’s the before:

I wanted to shelving to be mostly for extra food.  The boxes in front of it really needed to be sorted and relocated.  Looking at the picture it doesn’t really look that bad, but trust me, it was a major source of discontent for me, lol.

Here’s the after:

Ahh, much better!

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The Stress of my Disorganization

Ugh.  It’s happened again.  I have caused myself and my family undue stress because I am not organized.  Will I ever learn?

Big I has his first baseball game today.  It has been raining off and on last night and today.  Little E is also sick and was up all night with a cough, and miserable this morning with fever too.  With the weather the way it is I was half way figuring the game would be called off, so I never got the snacks.  Not really a big deal since I could have stopped at the store on my way to the game.  However, since Little E is sick, I’m not going to the game. 

I end up making a 1:30 apt for Little E to go to the doctor.  I think to make the lasagna before we go rather than wait until we get home, just in case we run late.  Unfortunately the thought didn’t turn in to action.  After the appointment and getting a prescription filled, AT THE GROCERY STORE, I come home and start making the lasagna.  As I reach for the spaghetti sauce and it’s not there, I suddenly remember that my plan was to make my own sauce!

So had I been organized we could have shopped for the snacks and the spaghetti sauce during the 15 minutes that we were sitting at the pharmacy waiting for our prescription to be filled.  If I could kick myself I would. 

All this results in me feeling bad because I didn’t do what I should have done last weekend at the latest.  It also results in Mr. D stressing because now he is on his way home earlier than planned to stop at the store before the game to get everything.  Oh, and not to mention he won’t be able to eat before the game because there was no spaghetti sauce!

My task for tonight will be to go over our calendar and make lists of things we need to prepare for.  We have more games coming up, I know I planned more things to make from scratch, and next month both boys have their birthdays.  I am vowing right here, right now, I will be prepared!

How do you prepare in advance for these types of things?  Or are you a last-minute Lucy like me?

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