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Spring Cleaning – Part 1

I have decided that this week I am going to start my spring cleaning.  Being the list maker that I am my first job was to make a list of all that needed to be done.  Easily overwhelmed, this is the point every year that I look at the list and say forget it, I’ll do it next year!  Not this year though.  If it takes me until June, I will get it done!  Here’s what I came up with:

  • Dust light fixtures
  • Dust high ledges (In our bedroom and living room we have higher ceilings with some alcove-y ledge type things, that are really good for nothing except catching dust.)
  • Clean the corners of ceilings and walls of cobwebs
  • Clean fronts of bathroom cabinets
  • Clean door handles
  • Clean light switches and wall plates
  • Clean windows, including casings and sills
  • Spot clean walls
  • Clean all vents in ceiling
  • Move furniture to vacuum
  • Vacuum/dust window blinds
  • Wipe down kitchen cabinets
  • Deep clean fridge and freezer as well as upright freezer
  • Clean oven (which will first take learning to use self cleaning feature)
  • Clean bottom of fridge (grill thingie)

Wow!  It’s definitely easy to get overwhelmed with this list.  I’m going to take it slow and work on it little bit by little bit.


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