Weekly Goals – Week of April 27th

April 27, 2010 at 6:12 am Leave a comment

This week’s goals seem like a lot, but I think most will be doable.  Since it’s my first week I will be able to figure out if I am biting off more than I can chew.  There are a few that need to be broken down into even further but I will figure that out as I go along.

  • Go through the boys clothes – get the old/too small out and figure out what, if anything they need for summer.  Need to do this now so that if we do need more I can put it on their birthday gift idea list
  • Plan Little E’s birthday – I believe we will keep this low key, maybe just the 4 of us at Chuck E Cheese’s.  (Can that be considered low key? :))
  • Plan Big I’s birthday – Need to plan his friend party
  • Plan the family party for the boys
  • Paint my toenails
  • Tackle 3 items on my spring cleaning list
  • Get the pictures that I have printed into photo albums
  • Spend 30 minutes outside (at least!) weeding – This might be a bit hard as it’s supposed to rain Tuesday through Thursday.  I’m hoping it’s just a light rain and I will be able to go out sporadically.
  • Figure out greeting cards needed for May
  • Plant the veggies that I bought over the weekend

Entry filed under: 101 Goals in 1001 days, Weekly Goals.

Weekly Goals Goal #58 – Organize shelving in garage

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