Oatmeal Container Craft – The Bug Hotel

April 23, 2010 at 2:58 pm Leave a comment


I have had an oatmeal container sitting on the counter for about a week now.  I knew I wanted to do some kind of craft with the boys with it, but wasn’t sure what.  I got the idea for a bug hotel when I found out that Big I’s class was going to be studying bugs.

All I did was remove the paper wrapping from the oatmeal container and then cut a descent sized hole for viewing.  Then I took some plastic mesh that was actually from a bucket and shovel playset (thanks to the guy at Michael’s who cut it off for me and gave it to me free).  I taped that on the inside to cover the hole.

The boys decorated the front and back with a little help from me.  I know, I know, you can’t figure out which they drew and which I did!  I never claimed to be an artist!!

I used the piece that I cut out as a stand.  I cut two “legs” in the back to keep it from rolling.  It works great!

That’s it!  The boys love it.  Big I actually took it to school today for sharing.  (I was so proud, lol.)  We do have a few rules that go along with using the bug catcher.  First and foremost, if there is a bug staying in the hotel, it does not, under any circumstances, come inside the house.  Second, the bug hotel is just a day hotel.  Bugs do not stay in overnight.  I actually don’t think our mesh will hold them in for very long anyway.

What craft ideas have you done with oatmeal cartons?  We have a few more that I need ideas for!


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